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Kayak Bio Bay Tour in Fajardo

Bioluminscent Bay!

Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo

A bioluminescent bay is the result of a delicate ecosystem. Bioluminescent bays only flourish when tiny cells called dinoflagellates (bahamense Pyrodinium) thrive in a protected environment. When shaken, the organisms release energy as light. In other words, they glow, emitting a neon green ethereal aura. And the same goes with everything they touch: fish, hands, rowing boats, even raindrops.

Bioluminescence Bay exists worldwide, but there are only a few bioluminescent bays in our planet ... and one of them is in Fajardo!

How to get there? ​​

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  • Distance
    • ​From Parador Palmas de Lucía and Hotel Lucía Beach: 55km
    • From Parador MaunaCaribe: 63.4km
    • From Parador Costa del Mar: 55.5km


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