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Puerto Rico might be small in size, but it boasts a bevy of big adventures both beachfront and inland. Our four inns are located conveniently near a wide range of Puerto Rico attractions. When planning your vacation to Puerto Rico, take into account our resorts’ proximity to natural and man-made highlights alike.

What to do in Puerto Rico:

Our commonwealth is noted for its natural beauty, cultural attractions and rich history. As an official territory of the United States, Puerto Rico played a key role in American history and even served as a landing point for famous explorer Christopher Columbus in 1493. To get a taste of Puerto Rico’s historical significance, visit the nation’s capital in San Juan or one of the rustic lighthouses along the southern shore near our inns. In the town of Yabucoa you can see artifacts from the nation’s agricultural past, including large sugar mills and the remnants of a sugar cane plantation.

Our islands are full of natural wonders, which vary from region to region. The south is the dry region, containing the protected wilderness of the cactus-filled Guánica Dry Forest and a beautiful harbor setting in Ensenada Bay. Mountain ranges dot the Puerto Rican landscape, making appearances throughout the central and southeast stretches of the main island. One of Puerto Rico’s top natural attractions is the Bioluminescent Bay, located at Vieques Island, just off the east shore of the main island. Each of our resorts is within convenient range of the beach, allowing for easy access to Puerto Rico’s largest natural feature: the Caribbean Sea.

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